Why choose us?

Horsetalk Riding Farm is located in Northern NSW in the picturesque valley of Jiggi only 15 minutes from Lismore.

Operating for more than 10 years now, Horsetalk evolved from the desire to provide people of all ages with the opportunity to learn to ride a horse in a safe and confident manner.
Steve and Joyce are the owners and operators of Horsetalk Riding Farm and are both qualified riding instructors and certified by Horse Safety Australia.

Horsetalk’s focus is on safety, not only in riding but also the
fundamentals such as catching your horse in the paddock, preparing the horse for riding including grooming, bridling and saddling, all in a safe and correct manner.

The Beginning

The farm was purchased in 2008 because it offered excellent countryside to train our horses on.

We were competing heavily in long distance endurance riding at the time and being an old banana farm, it provided not only flat riding, but also the slopes and hills that come with the area. One day a neighbour approached us asking to teach her child to ride and as the word spread, more and more people enquired, not only for children’s lessons but also adults.

We were really enjoying watching the kids progress which made it easy to make the decision to continue as a dedicated riding school and after much thought and research, Horsetalk was born.

What a great opportunity to follow our passion and pass on our experience and knowledge thus leading to our motto:

 Sharing Experience

To ensure that Horsetalk was established properly, Steve completed his Certificate 4 in business management using a riding school as a model to base the business plan on. Although we have many years of equine experience we had no formal qualifications to teach so we attended a” Horse Safety Australia” clinic where we were assessed by Australia’s leading equine instructors and successfully obtained our national instructors and trail guides certificates.