Our initial riding arena was constructed of star pickets covered with PVC tubing and surrounded by thick fencing tape and was about 20 metres square.

As the number of students increased, we increased the size of the arena until the facilities also needed to be improved. The old taped arena is now replaced with a timber fenced 25 x 40 metre sand arena and the grounds include sporting and jumping facilities and the stables include a wash bay along with the renovated milking bails becoming a tack room.

Fencing has been replaced with approved equine fencing and a proper car park now allows for safe and convenient parking.

Toilets have been installed near the arena and facilities also exist for people with disabilities as we now cater for many students of all ages and abilities.

Our outdoor area provides a family environment with seating under the shade of the gum tree so mums, dads and the children can watch the activities. Lots of fun and laughter happens amongst the adults and children.