No pony? No problem!

Pony Club Australia is the largest and oldest equestrian organisation in Australia. For 80 years, our clubs have taught people how to be happy, safe and successful with their own horses.

Now everyone can ride with Pony Club – even riders (children over 5yrs and adults) who don’t have their own horse, or the exclusive use of a horse. Centre Member riders can experience Pony Club by riding trained school horses at one of our Pony Club Accredited Centres.


Can I become a Pony Club Australia Centre Member if I have already been riding at a Centre?

If your riding centre has been accredited by PCA, you can receive the PCA Syllabus of Instruction and work your way through our Certificates of Efficiency by joining PCA as a Centre Member. If your regular riding centre is not accredited, you can put them in contact with us to find out more.

How much does it cost?

It only costs $110 per calendar year to join PCA as a Centre Member (pro-rata if you join mid year). Pony Club Accredited Centres set their own costs for sessions – the cost of riding lessons in Australia varies between $50 and $90 a lesson on average.

Some Centres offer discounts for multiple bookings and/or holiday programs. These costs are a fraction of the cost of purchasing and caring for your own horse and related equipment.

Centre Members can purchase certificate manuals and merchandise from PCA at affordable prices if they want to do their proficiency certificates.

Do I have to buy any specialised clothing?

You will need a helmet and boots. Check with your Pony Club Accredited Centre to see if they provide helmets and boots until you decide to buy your own. There is no obligation to buy a uniform, although your Pony Club Accredited Centre may make some recommendations.

Riding gloves and specialised riding pants (jodhpurs) are comfortable for horse riding. You can buy Pony Club branded clothing here.

How do I get started?

Joining is easy. First, become a Centre Member by applying online. Then you can quote your member number when you contact a Pony Club Accredited Centre.

Can I share my Centre Member journey?

We can’t wait to hear about your life with horses! Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to share your experience. So we can share your stories too, please tag us: @ponyClubAus and our funder @sportAUS in your posts.

You can also use the hashtags: #noponynoproblem #ponyclubcentre and #moveitausgrants

Why has PCA introduced Centre Membership?

Equestrian sport relies on attracting and retaining participants, but owning a horse is not for everyone. Pony Club Australia (PCA) is passionate about removing barriers to participation in equestrian sport.

Centre Membership makes Pony Club accessible to riders without horses. Centre Members can learn to ride and get all the benefits of being around horses without owning a horse or pony. You may later decide to own your own horse or you might prefer the freedom of remaining a Centre Member.

Who can join?

Anyone over the age of five years who does not have their own horse or exclusive use of a horse can become a Centre Member. It could be a child or an adult new to riding or returning to riding after a break.

Perhaps they don’t want the responsibility of their own horse – or just want to know what horses are all about before they make any decisions. We have designed Centre Membership just for them.

What is the difference between a Centre Member and a Club Member?

Centre Members do not have their own horse, or exclusive use of a horse. Their membership is primarily with Pony Club Australia and they ride school horses at a Pony Club Accredited Centre. Club members have their own horse, or exclusive use of a horse (e.g. a lease). Their primary membership is also with a Pony Club.

What happens if I get my own horse or exclusive access to a horse?

Centre Membership gives people like you the chance to learn about horses before they commit to buying their own. Some Centre Members may choose to go on and buy their own horse and later join their local Pony Club. Others may prefer to continue riding at a Pony Club Accredited Centre. Either way, you will have more knowledge to be able to better care for horses and ride more safely.

If you do take the step of getting your own horse or pony, you transfer your membership from the Centre Member category to a Club member by joining a Pony Club. Any PCA proficiency certificates you have achieved at your Centre will be recognised. You can still have lessons at the Centre.

What are the benefits of being a Centre Member?

By riding a trained school horse at one of our Accredited Centres, you can take advantage of all of the following without the responsibility of owning a horse:

  • A Pony Club experience
  • A structured, proven program for progressive goal setting and skills development
  • An internationally-recognised syllabus of instruction combining the best of tradition and science
  • Efficiency certificates, manuals and achievement awards
  • Newsletters, information and education
  • A safe and supportive learning environment
  • A global community of riders
  • The potential to participate in local, state, national and international competitions, exchanges and activities
  • Discounted access to The Riders Pod, a new mobile phone app focusing on equestrian- specific workouts, planning, reminders and goal setting
  • Competitive deals on any model of Mitsubishi through their generous sponsorship
  • Personal Accident and public liability insurance cover at our Accredited Centres (through Gow-Gates). Centre Members will be covered with personal injury and accident insurance whilst participating in Pony Club activities at a Pony Club Accredited Centre.

Where can I ride?

The Centre Membership program is brand new. We are accrediting Centres around Australia to deliver Pony Club. They will be added to the PCA webpage on an ongoing basis. If you can’t see an Accredited Centre listed near you, let us know and we will help find one for you.